How tech consumed my life

My name is James Cameron if you haven't guessed that part already.

Since my early teen years tech has always been my field of choice.

I, like most other people my age grew up with some sort of gaming console. This sparked my interest at a young age to learn more about what goes on inside those boxes, that allows me to explore worlds and make my own. I began my learning journey and finally started to understand how those boxes did those magical things that had entertained me for so long. This was the start of the rabbit hole that grew my knowledge on computers and spurred me to build my own gaming PC by the age of 14. 

At 16 I started University and was on track to getting a Bachelor’s Degree in IT and software engineering. I was able to excel and flourish throughout the course resulting in getting the highest marks as well as being 1 of 4 people in a class of 37 to not have to repeat any of my units. I currently hold a Certificate IV in Information Technology and a Diploma in Software Engineering. I am continuing to study and further develop my knowledge in the field whilst getting work experience through my website business.  

Although I had built my own computer and had been delving into the world of electronics, I desired to become an artist. I wanted to explore artistry in traditional media or newer forms like digital media. My perspective completely changed in the beginning of year 9, I was the only person to have chosen art as an elective so the school were unable to run the elective. I was stuck and had to choose an alternative of IT or Accounting, the only thing I was certain of was that accounting was not for me, leaving me with IT. Not realising that I would soon become encapsulated in the intricacies of computer technology. That class went on to inspire me greatly to learn other coding languages including JAVA, PHP, MYSQL, C++ and C#. With my limited knowledge at the time I left school on a mission to start a web design business knowing the hoops I would have to jump through in order to get there.

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